#5 Facts you didn’t know about buyers persona

Buyer’s persona will tell you who is your ideal customer. So, it’s your duty to understand your customer. You can understand your customer by terms knows as Demographics and Psychographics:

Let’s consider Buyers Persona of a girl within an Age group (20-30) ​

Demographics are including the following terms such as:

>>BACKGROUND: The background means where she belongs and what she actually does for her living. You can relate the following to describe her background:
* Manages a Family with 3-5 people.
* Be in her role for 3 years.
* Married a decent guy with a decent salary.
* Doing her 8 hours job.

>> IDENTIFIER: Identifiers means, how can you find that girl in a crowd. You can pick the following terms to do so:
* Drive a modest vehicle.
* Achiever.
* Determined for her Business and a natural Leader.
* Stylish and a trendsetter.

>>GOALS: You can figure out her goals by initiating a decent talk and then collect the following gems:
* Her Ambition for her Family and  Team.
* Her expectation for the product.
* Like to be her own boss.

>> DEMOGRAPHICS: Try to collect her basic demographics such as:
* Income.
* Budget for buying a certain product.

Now comes the terms of her PSYCHOGRAPHICS. By the following terms you can pick her psychographic factors:

>> INTEREST: Everyone has some interest in something. Few of the common interest to pick are:
* Music.
* Sports.
* Movies.

>> FAVOURITE TECH: As the technology is growing day by day. So, it is necessary for a seller to understand “How Techy” customer comes at your door steps. Try to find out what find of products they are using such as:

* Kindle
* iPhone
* Amazon Echo
* Mac Book

>> FAVOURITE WEBSITES: Whenever someone visit your store ask them to follow or leave a note on your social profiles. Afterward do not skip any Notification and collect following information of your social customers:
* Brands they Follow.
* Content they share.
* Mostly active on which social site such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

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