#7 How you can turn a Window Shopper into a genuine Buyer.

Oh! So, you’ve been looking at your customer from the Inside of your shop. I know it’s full of High hopes. But always remember they are not outside the shop every time but every time they are scrolling down on their phones and searching for some relevant.


In the age of Internet, you can sell anything either it is a Book or piece of Cloth. People are buying like crazy over the internet if they found your product attractive, cool, reliable and at last but not the least with a bunch of good reviews.

So the question is, how can you gain the attention of a viewer or Internet Surfer.

You can use S, M, A, R, T method i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely. Most of the time this method used in following tasks such as:

* Project Management.
* Employee Management.
* Personal Development.

How to Use Smart Method in Real Life.
Smart is an acronym you can used in your Real life. It stands for:
S: (Specific, Sensible, Significant)
M: (Measurable, Meaningful, Motivational)
A: (Achievable, Attainable, Agreed)
R: (Reasonable, Reliable, Realistic, Result Based)
T: (Timely, Time-Sensitive, Time Based.)

Also, let me know in the comment section, what are the other abbreviations of S, M, A, R, T:

Specific: It will teach you, how you can be consistent about your goal. Be consistent means repeating the same routine daily over again and again. It will increase your curiosity for the final results.

Measurable: Once you’re specific or consistent about goal and hustle every day. You will surely see some progress and easily measure that progress by taking notes in a diary. It will teach that your plan is working or you’ve to make changes accordingly.

Achievable: And you’re consistently taking the measurable notes and reading them while are alone. These are number will let you know that; you’re reaching your goals or not. It will help you to see that, your goal is realistic.

Relevant: When you reach at the stage where you see, your goals are full filled. At that time, don’t forget to see, does your efforts are adding value to something or you just make yourself happy. Once your plan reasonable and relevant to society. You will automatically receive a leverage.

Timely: At last you’ve to provide a consistent supportive service to your customers. Do not leave any query of your customers unsolved. You’ve to provide continue flow of product, service or resolution.
And all these things need to be on time accordingly.

Real Life Business Plan using Smart Method

Let us consider, you want to start a business when you’re in a college or student. So, let’s use smart method:

At initials make a Facebook or Instagram page.

* Be specific about audience i.e. college or school students.
* Try to build pieces of content which are mostly familiar to college students such as Memes, Funny videos, Educational content, Music, Sports and more.

* Post the content in an ordered manner i.e. in the Morning, Afternoon and Evening.
* Share page with your friends and ask them to share it further.
* Note the number of users will get on your page everyday and don’t forget to send them an acknowledgment message. It will bring a professionalism in your work.

This is where you can make Money

* Once you reach 100 followers or users. Try to focus on the best visitors of your page and don’t forget to find your main Niche.
*Your niche can be anything such as Selling Old books, Projects, Renting Things and more.
* Mention a secured Payment gateway such as PayPal, UPI payments and others.
Let me know in comments “What do you Understand by Niche” don’t be shy.

* Always provide a true genuine product or service to your users.
* Keep adding value to your page such as post about new events in the college or school.
* Update users with daily local, country or world news.

* Don’t forget to ask for the feedback from your users or customers.
* Collect their email addresses and prepare an email list.
* Send them monthly newsletters of your service.

And that’s all if you need any help “How you can START or you are STUCK somewhere and confused let me know. I would be glad to help you 7876667340”

So what you think Be a hard worker or SMART method makes you wonder. Always keep one thing in mind whatever you’re doing you’re 20’s will make your 30’s. Comment below what’s your thoughts on SMART method.

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