#2 What is Social Media Marketing?

SMM in short means to sell, showcase your product or service on digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With the help of social media, your product will be visible to billions of people. You can say, you’re one click away to grab a deal. So here are a few key terms, you should get started:

👉Building a social media strategy.
👉Setting Social Goals.
👉Structuring your social media team.
👉Developing a Budget.
👉Listening and Monitoring.
👉Creating a content strategy.
👉Developing Social Media content.
👉Influencer Marketing.
👉User-generated content.
👉Social Customer Care.
👉Social Selling.
👉The basics of digital advertising.
👉Social Metrics.
👉Governance of Risk.
👉Crisis Management.
👉Building an employee advocacy program.

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